Easy client document acquisition for your immigration practice, without the fuss.

See how 'smart lists' can save your practice an extra 1 hour each day in time, costs & headache. The must have tool for smart immigration lawyers 🤓

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Auto follow up with clients


Track & share client progress


Address & fix errors quickly


Keep track of missing items


Birds eye view of your caseload

Neat Desk
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Jennifer Paulino

Principal Attorney at Paulino Immigration LLC

Charlotte Metro, USA 🇺🇸

Checkwiz does exactly what I need it to by simplifying and automating tasks. It is very simple to create lists from templates and personalise for each client with a clean and professional look. The automated follow-up option is a lifesaver.


Alex Morley

Principal Attorney at Immigration Street Legal

North Yorkshire, UK 🇬🇧 

I cannot say how impressed I've been with Checkwiz - an amazing tool which I highly recommend. It works effortlessly alongside your present system to simplify the whole document identification and management process. A great encouragement for you and your client to ensure that all required items are promptly received. I would encourage all practitioners to give Checkwiz a try to discover just how simple, effective and useful it is.

Stop sending checklists. Start sending Smart Lists 🤓

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Show clients what items are missing without you having to prod them


Let clients track their progress independently without hassling you


Easily customise lists to each client. More clarity = less questions


Edit as cases evolve and instantly alert clients to changes in real time


See if clients have received their list and when they last viewed it


One click to view on any device - No confusing log ins for clients

"The Easiest Way To Gather Client Documents in Your Immigration Practice"


How it works

Easy as 1, 2, 3!



Instantly send clients a smart list

No complicated Microsoft Word attachments



Check off items as they trickle in

See all case progress & know where you are




Gather documents without the fuss

Keep track, follow up & fix issues with little effort

How much could Checkwiz be saving you?

Still Run Into These Issues in Your Practice?

It may be time to upgrade to smart lists 🤓


Losing track of which documents you have

Knowing which items you have and which items you don't gets difficult to track over time as documents trickle in


Chasing clients for missing documents

Reminding clients which items are still outstanding can be a real pain


Searching back through files

Digging back through files to investigate and get back on track with a case can be hassle and a big time-suck


Constant back and forth communication

Constant communication between different clients can become really noisey, sap useful time and hinder productivity


Have cases fall between the cracks

Some cases fail to get attention due to specific document requirements being overlooked causing them to get lost in the shuffle


Delay filing of cases

Slow client submissions and realising you're still missing documents after assembling the case can cause lag and unnecessarily prolong things

"Documentation is the most crucial part of an immigration application"

Make document acquisition a breeeze💨 with Smart Lists


Reduce heavy workloads

Work smarter. Streamline and automate repetitive yet necessary tasks to free up valuable time


Clear up confusion

Work transparently with distant clients in real time on any device without the need for client portals


Stay professional and personal

Keep that personal one to one experience clients relish with built in automated personalised tools


No added work

Replaces what you already do — but more efficiently


No heavy migration

Instantly copy over your current checklists in seconds!


No training needed

Incredibly easy to use right out of the box — just point and click!


See missing documents at a glance

See exactly where you are without digging into files, emails or nagging staff


 More transparency
 Less confusion

 Clear up confusion and keep

clients & staff on the same page each step of the way


Automatically remind forgetful (and lazy) clients

Send automated reminders that kick clients into gear without lifting a finger


 Work smarter with smarter checklists 

No more juggling Microsoft Word checklists, email attachments and calendar reminders


 Stay vigilant. Stay proactive

Minimise errors and catch issues before they unnecessarily slip between the cracks


 Jump start cases

Save the confusion and resume cases quickly without the added labour cost

Things you'll ❤️ about Checkwiz

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Anthony Guidice 

Author of:
'Easy Ideas for a Better Immigration Law Practice'

"You can waste a lot time just trying to find something in a folder. You should be able to find anything in about 30 seconds"


Irene Leonard

Professional law practice business coach

"Checklists are the groundwork for an excellent, well-run practice that is mistake free and less stressful"


American Bar Association

Rule 1.4 Comment 4, of Professional Conduct

“A lawyer’s regular communication with clients will minimize the occasions on which a client will need to request information concerning the representation” 

What the experts say


Boost Productivity

Fast. Simple. Efficient.


Personal touch

Personalised to your clients and

bespoke to your brand.


Happier staff

Streamline heavy admin. Boost morale.


Fast 24/7 support

Need help? We're right on hand 

from inside your dashboard


Access anywhere

Safe. Fast. Reliable.


Fits your practice size perfectly

Whether solo or a large firm, 

Checkwiz handles it all

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Checkwiz. Smarter immigration.

"Works like magic! — a real pleasure to use"


What is Checkwiz?

Checkwiz is the worlds first 'smart list' platform built to gather all the necessary client documents you need for your immigration practice, significantly reducing hassle and workload.

Does Checkwiz replace my case management software?

Not quite. Checkwiz only replaces and upgrades the client document acquisition part of your current workflow.

Most firms already have an existing legal framework in place which they're happy with so Checkwiz was designed to be the perfect complimentary tool by running independently and quietly in the background - adding big results with zero effort.

Simply check off any items you receive and we'll handle the rest.

Doesn't this add another layer of work?

No. Checkwiz simply takes over all the work needed to do in order to acquire your clients documents, but in less time and way less effort.

No longer do you need to check your files, search back through emails, craft follow up emails, take client calls, report with colleagues etc. Your business will not look back.

Do I use my own current checklists?

Yes, even if your lists are currently in Microsoft Word you can copy and paste your checklists directly into Checkwiz in seconds. Consolidate all your lists into one place, easy and ready to use for present and future cases.

Can my clients access the software?

No, we found only a handful of clients ever use 'portals' which inadvertently fragments your workflow making it even more cumbersome to work through the extra tasks that it creates.

Instead we allow all your clients to access their case instantly at anytime from any device in a click. They can easily keep track of their case, see outstanding items, fix errors and see their progress as they'll all stay in perfect sync with the same checklists on your dashboard.

It works like magic.

Do my clients need a device to access their checklist.

No, you can also print out a hard copy of their checklist at any time. Even so they will still be able to receive any email updates if you choose.

Do my clients send their documents via the software?

No. We found no one tool fits all for document intake as each client is different and will usually submit their documents through whatever means best suits them (via email, hand delivered in person, physically mailed in, uploaded via Dropbox/ Google Drive or even using client portals).

We think you should let your clients submit their documents however they choose all while using Checkwiz to better manage and work through the entire acquisition process more efficiently.

Can I add my team members

Yes of course, seamless collaboration with the rest of your organisation is where Checkwiz really shines. Work more cohesively while keeping everybody on the same page and up to date.

Is my data safe?

Yes of course. Checkwiz takes data security very seriously. Your data is hosted privately on Amazon© servers in the USA and we also include SSL encryption as standard as an extra layer of security.


As another extra layer of precaution we intentionally designed Checkwiz so that the only data you store in your account is simply the representation of a case, but never the actual sensitive data of the case itself.